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Manitoba Aerial Applicators Association

Mission Statement
The MAAA shall represent, coordinate and provide direction to the efforts of the aerial application industry within Manitoba to benefit its members in a manner that is consistent with the interest of the public at large.


MAAA Members are made up of small businesses that remain dedicated to operate safely and provide the very best:
  1. Aerial spraying and seeding services to help farmers achieve their goal to produce a safe, affordable, abundant food supply and, to clothe and fuel the world.
  2. Forestry insect control and vegetation management resulting in lush forest stands.
  3. In suppression of wildfires with S.E.A.T. (Single Engine Air Tankers) to protect our natural resources, timber, homes and cottages.
  4. In mosquito control for the prevention of West Nile Virus and other insects responsible for defoliating hardwoods such as oak, basswood, poplars, willows and conifers whether they are within or outside city limits.



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